This calculator is designed to help you plan your children's
education needs by estimating the future cost of fees.
  1. Check that all Assumptions are correct. 
  2. Click once on the "Calculate" button to calculate your result.
Education costs will increase by:   % p.a
Your investments will return:   % p.a. after tax
Your child will enter school/uni/college at age:  
Current annual costs: $
Number of years of education costs:  
Amount of your current education savings: $
Your child's age now:  

Your child's education will cost: $
(1) The Future Value of your current savings: $
(2) Your annual contribution needs to be: $

(1) Based on the above assumptions, your education savings balance will
      have reached this amount by the time your child enters the institution.
(2) You should increase your education savings by this amount each year.